Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Truth?

Well, I've done it again. Rescheduling on a bogus excuse all because I'm to scared to go through with the initial plan. Sounds pathetic and sad, doesn't it, living everyday in fear of the world around me collapsing all because of one potentially embarrassing situation? What can I really do though, I am used to it and have been used to it for 11 years now. Always shying away at the last minute without a real, without a genuine reason for as to why I'm suddenly not going. No one has ever challenged me on these reasons (no matter what they were), which makes me wonder if I have become that good of a liar/fake in the last 11 years that no one will ever catch me out, which coincidentally is what I need someone to do to finally break this cycle, help deal with this fear of humiliation.
That's just it though, in our society we never look "underneath the underneath" (yes, that is a quote from naruto!) and just assume that what the other person says is the truth, why should we doubt them? None of us want to start any conflict. Although the truth is that, that is what some people need, some people need someone to challenge their lie, the reason they are giving and force the other person to re-evaluate the situation and what they have said without giving them time to think of another lie and if you are lucky get the truth out of them.